Our Business

We have apiaries located in West Auckland and on the Mahurangi Coast to the North.

We intentionally keep our hive numbers down which allows us to properly care for and maintain each one of our colonies. We pride ourselves on healthy hives, happy bees and as a result, beautiful raw honey.

For the health of our bee colonies and to ensure we get the best honey possible, we are selective with our apiary sites. All our sites are spray free and permanent. We do not move our hives around to chase blooms, this allows our bees to get established and forage naturally. We also strongly believe in leaving honey on the hives over winter, this produces healthier hives. We do not sugar feed.

From hive to jar we manage every step of the process. We manually extract all our hives individually with minimal filtration and no heating. This keeps our raw honey as close to its natural state as possible and retains all the health benefits that raw honey offers. All our hives produce their own unique honey. By extracting and packing inhouse we are able to jar our honey without the use of storage tanks and drums, resulting in single hive batches. With our single hive batches we are able ensure each batch is left as the bees made it and as it should be, unmixed, unspoilt - 100% Raw honey

We can trace all our raw honey back to the location and the hive they were harvested from. If you like a particular raw honey, by supplying the batch number we can supply raw honey from the same hive on your next purchase.

Our Raw honey

We lightly filter during the extracting process to remove excess wax, with minimal processing we ensure pollen, traces of wax and all the good bits are left in. We want to ensure our honey is delivered to you 100% raw unprocessed and as natural as possible.

Being a natural raw product, our raw honey will differ in taste between seasons and batches. During raw honeys natural process it will start crystallizing over time, to restore your raw honey to its liquid state simply apply a gentle heat, for maximum benefit keeping the honey under 37 degrees celsius will retain the raw honey's healthy properties.

We have large variety of raw honey available, all with very different qualities and flavours. Included is a range of raw Manuka Honey in varying strengths. All our honey is independently tested for Tutin and Manuka levels.

We also sell honey comb and refined beeswax.

Our Goals

We love our raw honey and all of the health benefits it provides. Raw honey should be a staple in every Kiwi pantry, no one should be missing out. A big part of our goal is to make raw natural honey available and affordable for everyone to enjoy. We try to keep our costs and overheads down and reflect these savings in our product price. Within our varieties there's something for everyone.

Tirimoana Honey, 100% raw and natural, straight from the hive.